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Chicago Collections Attorney Resources

At Baker & Miller, P.C., our Chicago Collections Attorney Resources include but are not limited to the following:


Employing a law firm (such as ours that specializes in collecting debts), instead of using a collection agency, has been proven to provide a bigger payoff and in most cases in a much shorter period of time.

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A letter or a telephone call from a law firm notifies the debtor that you mean business and that a lawsuit may be filed unless there is an arrangement for payment and that all promises are kept. Collection agencies cannot initiate or threaten lawsuits, and if litigation becomes necessary they must engage the services of attorneys and lose valuable time during which the debtor’s circumstances may change in various ways to foil collection. Further, once judgment is entered a continuing Wage Deduction Order may be entered by the court compelling an employer to regularly set aside a portion of the debtor’s wages in satisfaction of the judgment.


Our firm is committed to being on the cutting-edge of technology. We have invested in electronic skip tracing provided by a range of reputable firms, predictive and automated dialing provided by our advanced dialer systems. Our optical imaging and online backup systems are all integrated to provide our staff with the best tools in the industry to assist them in recovering the most dollars possible for our clients. We are committed to zero lost inbound calls; hence our collection department is organized into fully functional ACD groups with inbound interactive voice response systems.


To manage clients' portfolios, Baker & Miller, P.C. has sophisticated software with a highly efficient database system. Our software allows us to receive claims in any electronic format and send status information to our clients in any preferred format. It is constantly updated to attend to all areas of our collection process including document production, docketing, collector notes, accounting, reporting and client audits. To protect the confidentiality and proprietary content of the collection claims received from our clients, and following new laws for protection of personal information, our systems are designed to be compliant with all current security and privacy issues.


The firm of Baker & Miller, P.C. maintains a million dollar professional liability policy, a broad coverage comprehensive liability policy with limits of $4,000,000 and a fidelity bond for $1,000,000.


All collections are deposited to our client trust accounts by the end of the business day received. (An individual trust account may be established for high volume clients upon request.) We employ many resources (such as MoneyGram, Western Union, DirectCheck, ACH, etc.) to collect money quickly and accurately, time after time on the same day as promised.